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Casing of chimneys, construction of mounted chimneys

FuranFlex padding

FuranFlex® is the only method, due to which chimneys of any shape, size, length can be bushed without the demolition of the wall with fire-and heat-resistant, air-tight, corrosion-proof, non-appended lining pipes made of composite material and has steel-like solidity.
The term composite covers synthetic resin strengthened with massive glass fibres. Its structure resembles that of the ferro-concrete. They differ only in that the substance of composite consists of synthetic resin instead of concrete made of cement and steel bars are also substituted by glass fibres thinner than hair.
New FuranFlex® to even wood-burning chimney.

What are the advantages of the FuranFlex® type of chimney-casing for the customer?

  • No demolition of walls, flats stay clean during lining works
  • Takes  just few hours
  • Can be applied to furnace and smokestack of any kind
  • Even 80 metre long,  80 cm (2.6 foot) in diameter chimney can be padded without  lengthening
  • Its smooth inner surface and heat insulation contributes to the economic operation of furnaces
  • No corrosion, 25 years guarantee for corrosion damage

Unique features of FuranFlex®

  • Any length without appendage
  • Adjusted to the track of the curved chimney
  • Adjusted to the shape of the chimney
  • Circular, quadrangular, running track diameter
  • Alternative diameter
  • Perfectly  gas-compact

Features of FuranFlex® casing pipe

  • Smooth inner surface (smoke gas flows easier)
  • Good at heat insulating (improves draught)
  • Thin side (not reduces its diameter in flue)
  • Big solidity
  • Non-flammable
  • Can be adjusted to any kind of furnace

ALUÉK casing

Casing pipes made of aluminium are suitable for casing of chimneys built according to any traditional technology. Flexible pipes make the casing of the chimneys possible in case of properly dragged chimneys too. Their lifespan is between 10 and 15 years and their gas compactness and corrosion-resistance are appropriate. Moreover in case of being used up they can be easily replaced.
When this type of chimney-casing is mounted in, the process goes with minimal structural intervention.

Acid-proof flexible casing

Smoke gas extraction of gas-burning apparatus

Acid-resistant stiff casing

The deflection of smoke gas released by gas-oil combustion apparatus

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