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Aero-technological systems

Aero-technological systems are built-up for convenience or technological purposes.
Its task is to deflect, dilute, or supply with fresh air the concentration of the polluted air that came into being in rooms without external fenestration.

Aero-technological systems apply huge cross-sections in comparison with other building engineering systems, therefore the concealing of aero-technological parts cannot always be carried out so the place of these systems has to be defined even during the design as its posterior mounting in goes with many nuisances and undesirable aesthetical effect in interior decoration!

Ventilating systems can operate according to gravitational or forced flow method.
We basically construct extracted, pressed or equalized systems.

In case of extracted systems we always have to ensure the possibility of the supplement of the extracted air ,since in the want of this vacuum effect comes into being as a result of which our system can take back air from undesirable places such as from the chimney and might even lead to a tragedy. To avoid these, we can use external air-permeable gadgets which can be built into widow-frames and hatches and is equipped with different controllers which can automatically supplement the appropriate quantity of air.

During the usage of ventilators with small pressure like the toilet we also have to pay attention to the route of the air since we operate a ventilator next to a well-insulated door in vain if we do not mount in a door grille or not plane the foot of the door smooth so the air cannot flow through the room.

The building up of systems with excessive pressure is relatively rare, they are normally applied in case of shafts storing chemicals to dilute internal concentration, removal of air is possible due to the mounting of simple, permeable components here.

In case of equalized systems the supplement of extracted air takes place through a mechanical system, too.
During the convenience ventilation the treatment, heating, refrigerating, filtering, moistening of the blown air are required together with  the recovery of the heat of the extracted air before it leaves for the outward, open.

Installation of aero-technology

Our company is prepared to establish aero-technological systems with experience that it has gained in factories, restaurants, hotels, kitchens, shopping centres.


Our firm carried out the aero-technological systems of the following, more significant buildings in recent years.

- OBI store Miskolc
- OBI store Veszprém
- OBI store Nyíregyháza
- OBI store Kecskemét
- Dechatlon sport store Miskolc
- Dechatlon sport store  Kecskemét
- Koodza sport store Tököl
- Cave Bath Miskolc therapeutic block
- Community centre theatre hall Ózd
- Swimming-pool Ózd
- Swimming-pool Gönc
- East Side Disco club Miskolc
- ALFI-ker warehouse Miskolc
- Baumax store Miskolc

Installation of aero-technology- Z.F. Hungária transformation of production hall Eger
- Z.F. Hungária hall Eger
- Vodafone office building Miskolc
- Szinvapark shopping centre, transformation of cinema rooms
- City Hotel Miskolc
- Miskolc Ice rink and sporthall
- TESCO Department store Tiszaújváros
- TESCO Express Miskolc
- TESCO Store Ózd
- National-Neederlanden Business Centre Budapest Andrássy u.9.
- University of Miskolc new production E7 Students’ Hostel
- County Hospital, ventilation reconstruction of the hall for culture events Miskolc
- Innovation Park Gödöllő
- La'contessa castle hotel Szilvásvárad
- BAMA business house Miskolc
- Heves Sporthall
- Town hall new wing Miskolc
Installation of aero-technology- Tusnádfürdő Romania bath building
- Jász-Plasztik Ltd Jászberény new plastic factory smoke deflector system
- Hotel Calimera Miskolc
- Bástya Hotel new wing, Miskolc
- City Hotel Miskolc
Demjén Thermal hotel in progress
During execution our manufactured aero-technological systems were being equipped.