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Air vent, heat-recovering ventilation for a healthier environment

Does your flat getting mouldy? Do you sleep badly and wake up tired? Do you have allergic-, respiratory complaints?
We know the solution to the problem!

Ventilator and airing

In Hungary the majority of people do not know at all that many technical and health problems are caused by the want of continuous ventilation.

In most private flats and houses there is not even such ventilator apparatus.
Airing is secured by either the openings of the badly closing window and doors, the draught, or the daily „careful airing” that takes a quarter of hour.

It is not enough!

Letting the fresh air in is necessary continuously, the removal of the pollutants from the living space is compulsory!

That’s why it is essential to get to know and recognize its significance!

The quality of the air is a determining factor!

In our living spaces the presence of carbon-dioxide (CO2) can mainly be put down to human exhalation. Chemical substances and other pollutants get into the air of our flat continuously.

We wouldn’t think that the hair of our favourite pet is also a significant allergen contaminant,  but the smoke produced by those who smoke in the flat can be categorized into this group, which is dangerous not only to the smoking person himself, but to those who stay in the same room as well.

The harmful effect of air-polluting substances becomes visible in human respiratory disturbances, circulatory troubles and in the development of allergy, cancer, silicosis.
Allergy is a widespread disease in our country too!

Fresh, oxygenated air is essential to the perfect functioning of human organism.
Our organism degrades the consumed food by a chemical process and burns it consuming the oxygen from the air.

We gain our energy from this continuous oxidation.

Adequate ventilation and air containing oxygen of duly quantity are very important at those places where we stay for many hours every day.

If you have a headache, feel tired and depressed frequently, it is worth pondering on what it can be caused by! The problem might have something to do with airing, that is, the room has “run out” of air?

In a flat with consumed air and bad ventilation, our organism functions with less efficacy that we can see if we examine the air quality of our inner living space.
Consequently – if there is no fresh, oxygenated air available – our metabolism gets worse and as a result diseases will be more likely to evolve.

Only few think that these are triggered by the small amount of oxygen in the air we breathe in.
We have to take another factor into consideration in connection with oxygen also, namely, what type of appliances are there in the flat that consume the air inside the flat .We can mention for instance gas water heater and boiler, fireplaces, tile and other stoves.

Smoke gases, which come into being in case of these appliances, go away through any chimney, however, they consume the air, oxygen essential to their operation from the living space since they do not have installation of external burning air.

Unfortunately for this reason - especially at the beginning of the heating season – if a gas appliance of such kind does not get air of proper quality essential to perfect combustion, carbon-dioxide known as a colourless, odourless, poisonous gas originates during the unsatisfactory combustion that can bring about tragic accidents.

We need enough fresh, oxygenated air to live!

We have to speak about the vapour in the air, too.
The excessive quantity of water vapour that gets to the internal air of the buildings is a problem from two aspects. Not only does it destroy the health of people living inside, but it can damage the structural elements of the building gravely as well.
Either in the shape of liquid or water vapour, the water is the main source of problem in the construction industry.

When there is no ventilation or it is not appropriate; the humidity of the air of the room increases.
The best level of the relative humidity of the air that is healthy for a human being is between 40%-60 %.

If the relative humidity of the air decreases below 40%, that is, excessively dry – it might also have harmful consequences, such as being unwell, the decreasing uptake of oxygen and delivery into the bloodstream, intensifying probability of catching cold illnesses, constantly dried, sensitive skin, risen formation of dust, and the damage and cracking of objects susceptible to humidity to a greater extent (furniture, paintings, cover, parquet floor, etc.)

However ,relative humidity  rising above 60% makes excellent circumstances to the fungus spore present everywhere, but gets activated among certain conditions, as a result of which  the flat „breaks out into blossom”. The mould turns up behind the furniture and in the corners.
The old, badly closing, unfilled doors and windows, which used to be “aired” in spite of the closed window, the white washed walls that did not prevent the uptake of vapour of walls in any way and the stove that helped the air to get out from the flat through a well-airing chimney, when the air used to have place to come in solving the natural ventilation of the flat   this way.

At that time the moulding of the flat was unknown concept yet. Nowadays, we have almost put an end to the natural ventilation of our flats.

For the sake of this we endeavour to insulate our house, flat from outside, but we terminate the „ breathing” of the walls almost completely with this step. However the insulation and the intensified air-tightness of fenestration can cause serious vapour problems together in new, good heat-insulated buildings or subsequently insulated old buildings where old fenestration was exchanged by new one.
New doors and windows of good quality are demanded from every aspect, but if you have modern fenestration constructed in your home, you must reckon with the ensuring of formation of adequate ventilation parallel to the exchange of fenestration.
In summer this does not cause a problem since windows are open, the flat is aired, the produced vapour can quit freely and external- internal difference in temperature does not develop colder surfaces where the vapour could condense.
However as we start heating, closing the windows, doors, we come across with the problems of moulding and precipitation of moisture.
The vapour condenses along heat-bridges which is concomitant of every building since air cools down there to the greatest extent.
It can bring about the precipitation of moisture at the coldest areas and wetting, moulding at vapour-proof layer in case of the best insulated building, too.

We must acknowledge that almost every human activity goes with the production of vapour.
Most of the moisture releases continuously as a result of ordinary human activities such as breathing, outward vaporization, cooking, washing, washing-up, drying of clothes, taking a shower.
Beyond this houseplants contribute to the increase of internal humidity significantly.

We have to accept that we insulate the thermal bridges however much in vain, if we never ventilate during the continuous steam production, our flat will “swim” sooner or later.

The best breeding ground for the mildew to increase and survive is moisture!
Moulding can only be expelled if there is no condensation, the mildew can settle down nowhere.
In our flat and office the shortage or inadequacy of ventilation results in highly concentrated pollutants, lack of oxygen and high humidity. Every day they attack our health and environment bringing about symptoms and illnesses frequently, which we would not associate with the want of airing as a source of the problem.

You have expectations and possibilities in connection with ventilation.

What do you need to have house or flat well-ventilated?

Ventilation can be implemented either naturally with gravitation or artificially with mechanical devices in several ways. It can be accomplished automatically or with manual control, periodically or continuously, regulated and checked and even depending on and influenced by the weather as well.
The efficiency of a ventilating method ;the well-operation in all season, every part of the day , among different weather conditions; the degree of energy-saving  depend on these parameters.
During the airing of the room you must direct the air inside to go out and the air outside to replace the leaving one.

Do it such a way that the exhausted, polluted, smelly and humid air should leave the home for outward, good direction through its original place, that is, the toilet, the bathroom and the kitchen right away and omit „ leap of honours” in the flat.

The entering air should arrive at the bedroom, working room, children’s room and living- room, so the air-stream evolving slowly rinses the whole flat with fresh air. Certainly, nothing should obstruct the passage of the fresh air flowing along.

Difference in pressure of any kind is a must to the formation of this stream. According to old, natural, ventilating methods this difference was created by either the differences in specific weight of air with diverse temperature or the difference in pressure at two sides of the buildings affected by the wind (for instance the ventilation secured by opening of the windows). It is the chimney-draft inside them that generates the stream of air in case of the ventilating chimneys and flues.

We also create difference in pressure in case of some mechanical ventilating methods, at different types of extracting. We drive the air inside outwards with the ventilator mounted in and the extracting apparatus as a result of which decrease of pressure comes into being inside.  The loss launches the flow of air outside into the flat through the so-called air-inlet built in for this purpose.
The following, most important expectations (such as fresh, oxygenated air, independence of weather, regulation of humidity on any level, operation without the feeling of draught) can be met by these simpler solutions effectively and safely.

Ventilating machines with bigger capacity carry out both the extracting and the blowing in of fresh air as the quantity of the extracted and blown-in air is the same so the pressure within the flat is not changed by ventilation.
These machines depending on their capacity can regulate (for instance filter, heat, refrigerate or even bedew) the air blown-in.  

Effective ventilation is required to regulate appropriate temperature and humidity in buildings, which sets and renders the demanded humidity of the inner air stable securing your adequate feeling of convenience and health.

As you could learn from the guide, the bad, consumed, polluted air poor in oxygen is a source of many troubles and health problems which affect slowly and ruin your health on the sly.
You can experience that unfortunately airing just and only with the opening of windows is not enough and not a solution to your problems
Solution is the next: problems in buildings can be solved easily and relatively cheaply with the post-installation of any energy-saving, ventilating appliances.  
We would like to help you in it!
Having read our website; you find the best solution hopefully!

Heat-retrieving ventilation

This type of ventilation system can be applied in your home, let it be either a house or a apartment house, which ensures the continuous ventilation of your home and saves energy significantly. This system secures the best feeling of convenience when the tempered and filtered air is introduced and the static heat-retriever is used that can be found in every flat.
Outside the flat a central blower and a central extractor ventilator should be placed, to which two air-duct networks join that can be found inside the flat.
The maintenance of the system is confined just and only to the blower and extractor ventilators.

The cost of installation and substance can also be reduced, because during the design of the pipe-network of the system lines branching off to flats can be made joint both on the extractor and blower system.

The operation of heat-retrieving ventilation

In our homes the constant exchange of air is accomplished in a self-regulating, heat-regaining mechanical ventilation system when the fresh air is blown into the dry rooms and the consumed air is extracted from wet rooms.
Living-room or bedrooms are called dry rooms, kitchen or bathroom is a wet room. Both the extraction and blowing in take place through self-regulatory, airing components is, so the system cannot be set wrong and there is no need to regulate the system expansively. Due to the heat-recovering ventilation the fresh air blown in comes filtered by the blowing-in fan, then in every flat the air flowing through a static heat-retriever  takes over most of the heat-content of the extracted air before being installed in home.

Another air-duct system joins to the extractor fan, through this passage the consumed air is extracted from heat-retrievers.

You do not need to leave openings on the facade of the house to carry fresh air into the flat so the system improves the sound-proofing of the front of the flat.
The system regains 80% of the thermal energy of the extracted air independent of season, hereby it makes saving of the energy possible.
The blowing in and extracting openings with constant output are regulated automatically by the changing of free cross-section at each stage of the system adjusting to the pressure   available on that stage.

Advantages of heat-retrieving ventilation:

  • Energy-saving, minimal loss of heat generated by heat-retrieving ventilation, since most of the heat content of the extracted air is regained.
  • Silent, much more silent than the local extractor appliances.
  • In your flat the air will be of the best quality, tempered air comes in due to the filtering of the air blown in, and excludes the nuisances induced by cold and dust .
  • Moulding and steam condensation can be prevented, assures the removal of vapour from internal places.