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Belimo LM-230A Zsalumozgató motor Nyit-zár ,3 - pont

EN Bruttó ár:
37800 Ft

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Air-ducts might have circular or quadrangular cross-sections. As for their application and as a result of their cross-sections they have different qualities and advantages.

Due to the standard size of circular air-ducts, their unused parts that remain during the execution should not be thrown away, they can be used up over a later, new project.

In contrast, the sizes of air-ducts with quadrilateral cross-sections are unique so they secure that they adjust to the given execution and spot, but just because of this unique measuring out the remaining parts cannot be used up later.

From the aspect of installation the air-duct with circular cross-section also has more, since they can be manufactured from more stiff, henceforth thinner plate. Due to this, its structure is lighter than that of the quadrilateral air-duct so during its equipping fewer hangers are needed.

Their other benefit is that it utilizes space and relieves deep frequencies better.
Our firm undertakes the manufacturing and formation of both types of air-ducts.
We have got several references from factories, restaurants, hotels, entertainment places, cuisines or shopping centres.