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Belimo LM-230A Zsalumozgató motor Nyit-zár ,3 - pont

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Fume hood; fume extractor systems

Fume extractor systems at the supply of Spiko-Rex Ltd

The deflection of heat and smoke is an essential security part of communal premises, apartment houses, shopping centres, places of entertainment, which diverts the poisonous gases and heat from the room to the open air in case of a possible fire to enhance the escaping chances of those who stay inside.

The basic criterion of smoke-extractor appliances is that they can work at 400 degrees centigrade for two hours. The 400C/2h pertains both to the smoke-extractor appliances and the areal technological components. The galvanized plate air-ducts meet this demand in 1mm thickness, but complementary components do not in many cases.

During the furnishing of the smoke-extractor you have to pay a special to the devices meant to fix that they should not be made of plastic. Affected by heat they can grow softer and it might result in the fall of the system. Neither fixing devices nor regulating components built in the fire prevention, smoke-extractor system can contain plastic components. You can apply shutters composed of metal alone. Servomotors, which are used to move formwork components, have to be qualified with 400’C/2h and their electronic feeding cannot be made only with heatproof cables.
I mention separately that the mounting of elastic into the supporting structure that hang up the smoke-extractor ventilators is forbidden and linens relieving oscillation have to be qualified as heat-resistant.

During execution you should aim at the extension of the shortest sections and apply exclusively either  rock or ceramic wool with big heat-resistance to install
Smoke-extractor systems, choose Spiko-Rex Ltd! Trust us!